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I thought it would be fun to show my collectors and friends the behind-the-scenes activities of entering an art competition. My painting “New Shoes” was accepted into the Oil Painters of America National Juried Exhibition and the piece was completed Jan. 24, 2015. After approximately three months of dry time I’m ready to varnish and pick out a frame.


Original oil paintings are not framed with glass and painters use varnish to protect their work. Not only does varnishing protect it also brings the dried oil paint back to life making it appear fresh. If you click the image below you can see how the paint under the puddle of varnish appears wet. The varnish will dry overnight and be ready to take to the framer the next day.

Varnishing brings protects the painting and brings the dry oil paint back to life.


The next day is field trip day! Framing is actually pretty fun because 1. field trips are fun, 2. I get to have an actual conversation with someone during the day and 3. I get a sneak peak at how the finished painting might look. Once on the table at Terri’s Frame Shop, Terri and I agreed it needs a frame with some action (scrolls) and we need to match the gray-violet of the dress. After trying a few samples, I chose the one below:


When framing for a competition, I do take the judging into consideration. I don’t want the frame to overpower the painting, so I choose more conservatively. Terri has a good eye and understands what looks the best with the work. She’s also framed a lot of my work and knows my taste.


The framing will be done next week which puts me ahead of schedule (see Anatomy of Art Competition – 2) and that’s great!

Coming up next: figuring out shipping requirements (paying both ways) and another field trip to the shipper: Pkgs.