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The Home Place


I’m offering an open edition print of my recent painting The Home Place.

I’ve been on the fence about offering prints of my work. I was encouraged by the comments when I shared this painting on social media. Your comments really matter and so I decided to take the leap.

Click here to view the new Open Edition Print section on my website. Click on the painting image and you may order: a canvas print, framed print, art print, poster or even greeting cards. If you wish to frame and mat, click through the choices and you’ll see a preview of what the finished product will look like.

I think art is simply thought imbedded into material. When I read the comments on this painting, I felt like the viewers and I had a nice conversation. I believe that’s how art works and I’m grateful it’s working well between us.

Click the thumbnails below for details of The Home Place:


The Home Place (detail 1)


The Home Place (detail 2)


The Home Place (detail 3)