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Every company I’ve ever worked for had employees write annual goals to help the company fulfill it’s mission & vision. It’s good to do, even for a sole proprietor business, so I still do it. I thought I’d share my art mission, vision and a 2015 goal:

Mission: To create, illuminate and translate the American Midwest’s spirit of place – the undomesticated essence of the region where I live.

Vision: To create body of work that successfully communicates the American Midwest’s spirit of place and connects the viewer to the Midwesterner’s sense of place, the intimate bond and awareness of where we live.

Goal: Create an exhibit of new artwork that depicts the undomesticated essence of the Tallgrass prairie and the turn of the century agrarian people who chose to make it their home. I believe a sense of place manifests itself from the spirit of place. That intimate connection guides us to discover and communicate our unique identity.

Spirit of Place will include oil paintings of Iowa’s native landscape, wildlife and turn of the century agrarian people and livestock.

Click here for more information on the exhibit.


Oak Savanna Sunset, oil on canvas, 8×24